Why The Butterfly Bra?

Its finally here the solution for all us big breasted ladies. The solution which will now allow us to wear those pretty tops which we have all wanted to but weren’t able to as nothing works and keeps us comfortable to allow us to wear them. The butterfly adhesive bra is fantastic quality and trust me it’s going nowhere.

One more thing I feel I must mention is creator. There were a few teething problems at the beginning and she always keep me in the loop and was very helpful. I would definitely recommend Amanda and her amazing bra. Thanks for giving us the confidence to go strapless and I wish you all the luck in the world  E. Trainer

Why The Butterfly Bra?

For too long now, large breasted women have had to “make do” due to the size and weight of their breasts. As a large breasted woman, UK G cup, I’ve personally found, that all previous adhesive bra products, even though they claimed to work on large breasts, certainly haven’t in my case, as with many others. It has always frustrated me, that us larger breasted girls are forgotten about! 

It seems the previous product creators, simply thought “Oh well, if we make our product bigger, it’ll work on the bigger boobs!” This is not the case! Us big girls need extra support and going against gravity by “pulling” our boobs up just doesn’t work for long, certainly not for the duration of a function. The other products available simply add extra weight or change the shape of the breasts to attempt to create a false and unnatural looking cleavage. 

The current craze is the Rabbit Bra, looks like a Rabbit – you stick it on and use the ears to “pull” your breasts up, in theory it should do something, it did lift my boobs approximately 3mm and stayed on for approximately 4seconds before coming unstuck and essentially waxing my nipple skin straight off (this did shock me) please see the photographs below by clicking on the picture:-

The difference between all the current adhesive bras and THE BUTTERFLY ADHESIVE BRA, is simply the internal, patent pending, support system. Unlike other adhesive bras out there, THE BUTTERFLY ADHESIVE BRA lifts from beneath the breasts and uses the chest as a balance for the weight of the breasts. The internal support then curves around the front of each breast, to hold the breasts in shape. The support is then cocooned in a padded material so it is not felt by the wearer making THE BUTTERFLY ADHESIVE BRA extremely comfortable and effective.

I created this bra not only through sheer frustration that nothing available worked for me, but also so us big breasted women finally had a product that would work and allow us to wear the tops and dresses we avoided due to requirements of a full bra. 

For the silicone adhesive, I took into account what was available on the market and listened to other women that had also tried adhesive bras before. Every woman I spoke too wants to feel secure and not worry about if the bra is going to fall off, halfway through their evening/event.

Each cup is made with adhesive silicone running throughout the full length of the cup, ensuring adhesion to all of the breasts but leaving an adhesive free line, under each breast to allow for excess heat. Each cup is shaped and not squashed together, like some bras offer. The adhesive silicone is also located at the bottom of each cup, running along the chest, under each breasts and on the side wings for added adhesion allowing the wearer complete comfort and security.

The link below takes you to a comparison blog, by a lady called Annie James, which she did in 2016, shortly after I had started working on my first design, I took what she was saying into account – it is a very interesting read comparing sticky bras for larger breasts.


So confident am I of my design, I tested it on a trampoline…..The Butterfly Adhesive Bra is the only adhesive bra to ever be tested this way – no other adhesive bra manufacturer has ever performed this test nor will they ever as they know theirs wouldn’t work! 

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