Simply Ladies fashion show

Well it’s nearly here, the Simply Ladies Fashion Show! I’m excited and anxious and feeling every other emotion possible. My bras are still with UPS so that’s unnerving too! Oh my days…I can’t wait for the world to see how amazing my products are but also it’s nerving to the core that so many eyesContinue reading “Simply Ladies fashion show”

Wow, things are beginning to move forward

Nearly 8 years of my life has been put into getting my design right, so unlike other adhesive bras, mine would successfully work for larger breasted women. When I was a size 22/24 and weighed 17.5st, my breasts were a 42G, I lost weight and hoped it would drop my breast size (it didn’t) IContinue reading “Wow, things are beginning to move forward”

41 years old and I won’t be told what I can wear!

I thought I’d be honest with you all, I’m 41 and have had sagging breasts since I was 15 and a D cup, I’m not a 40G cup (uk size) It was really difficult for me to have body confidence when I was restricted by what style clothes I could wear, always needing to hidContinue reading “41 years old and I won’t be told what I can wear!”