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Amanda Smyth Designer of the Butterfly Bra

All Women should be allowed to wear whatever they want without compromising. Large breasted women have never had an adhesive bra that actually works. We are institutionalised into compromising. So instead of picking that backless dress we would look amazing in we get a dress that will hide the bulky bra. This is why i set out to revolutionise the bra industry.

Become A Stockist

Time to join the revolution

What you will receive:-

*Point Of Sale products

*Unique code for customer orders, should you sell out or only want to have samples on site, you can order through the site using your code and still receive your commission, paid monthly via BACs

*Twice annually, you will receive 6 free bras in each colour to enable you to have your own promotions in store

*Social Media plugs – All advertising on social media will include a link to the stockist page, which will have a direct link to your site (if you do not have a website, alternative details will be listed to direct customers to your shop), all advertising in your area will include your shop link.

*Adverts that appear on all social media platforms used by All Women Limited (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest) will have a link to the stockist page where customers can see your link and or shop details.

For details on how to join the revolution please email

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