Wow, things are beginning to move forward

Nearly 8 years of my life has been put into getting my design right, so unlike other adhesive bras, mine would successfully work for larger breasted women.

When I was a size 22/24 and weighed 17.5st, my breasts were a 42G, I lost weight and hoped it would drop my breast size (it didn’t) I went from 17.5st to 11.4st and my breasts were a 38G, with having two children and the weight loss, my breasts took the toll!

No amount of weigh lifting or arm/chest exercises are going to fix my breasts, my breast tissue is broken and the elasticity in my skin is reduced due to my age (it happens to us all) so to have a bra like mine that gives my the ability to wear whatever style dress or top I want, helps with my confidence as it will other women’s, the feedback has been amazing so far!

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