41 years old and I won’t be told what I can wear!

I thought I’d be honest with you all, I’m 41 and have had sagging breasts since I was 15 and a D cup, I’m not a 40G cup (uk size)

It was really difficult for me to have body confidence when I was restricted by what style clothes I could wear, always needing to hid the straps etc

I have to buy size 16/18 tops although I’m a size 12, this is to fit my boobs in. It’s all such a pain really but I guess I’m not on my own.

I tried every adhesive bra I could to try have freedom to wear what I wanted but sadly they all let me down because they weren’t truly designed for my sizes they just lied about their capabilities (something I’ve found many women believed). So many of us just accept the way things are but I’m sick of that, why can’t I wear backless without feeling like I look like a flump? Why can’t I buy a dress in my size that fits my boobs in?? Nightmare really!

Roll forward a few years and my adhesive bra is made and ready…I’ve enjoyed nights out and worn mesh backed tops, Bardot tops and even a backless dress.

So if you are like myself and don’t want to be restricted then The Butterfly Adhesive Bra is for you!

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