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A woman should never have to compromise on her outfit because of her breasts. We needed a product for us bigger breasted women that actually worked

A Smyth

12 hour test completed.

Unique design utilising the chest with an internal support for lift and shape.

Fab for us larger breasted ladies

I bought one of these for my wedding as my dress was quite low cut and backless and a traditional bra just wouldn’t do. I’m a size 32 G so couldn’t go without a bra! It was easy to put on and really sticky, held my breasts in place all day and night without moving. It was also easy to remove without leaving any residue. Full cleaning instructions are included and are easy to follow. I’ve worn this bra on several occasions since my wedding and the hold is just as good as the 1st time. Very happy customer!


The solution for all us big breasted ladies

The solution which will allow me to wear those pretty tops which we have all wanted to but weren’t able to as nothing works and keeps us comfortable to allow is to wear them. The butterfly adhesive bra is fantastic quality and trust me it’s going nowhere. There were a few teething problems at the beginning and she always keep me in the loop and was very helpful. I would recommend Amanda and her amazing bra. Thanks for giving us the confidence to go strapless and I wish you all the luck in the world .
E Trainer


I recommend this bra to all us larger ladies

I’m 32 with a size 38 HH cup. I’ve had large breast since I was young and after 4 kids they are rather saggy and very heavy. I’ve tried numerous bras and never been truly comfortable I have never been able to wear adhesive bras as the never go big enough. I’ve worn the prototype for this bra and I’m absolutely amazed at how well it holds me up, it’s comfortable and has helped my posture as it takes the pressure off my shoulders and neck. I seriously recommend this bra to all us larger ladies it is a definite game changer and I highly recommend it to everyone. Shelly


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